What is a Media Aware Parent?

We live in a digital world. Social media, texting, video games, and even online pornography are common parts of growing up in the 21st century. That’s why Media Aware Parent is an online resource that takes a 21st century approach to helping parents talk with their teens about relationships, sex, and media. In Media Aware Parent, parents can brush up on the facts about teen development, practice talking with their child, hear interviews from other families, and better navigate the teen years by becoming a Media Aware Parent.

A Media Aware Parent knows that they cannot completely shield their child from the world, but they can help their teen prepare to successfully and responsibly navigate it. A Media Aware Parent has ongoing, honest, and open conversations with their teen about important topics like pornography, sexting, consent, dating violence, and teen media use. A Media Aware Parent knows that discussions about relationships, sex, and media are not always easy, but are always worth it.

98% of parents would recommend Media Aware Parent over other available resources

How do parents think Media Aware Parent compares to other available resources?

of parents say it is more helpful
of parents say it is more comprehensive
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Media Aware Parent can help you talk with your teen about important topics including:

  • Healthy and unhealthy relationships

  • Consent and sexual assault

  • Gender roles and stereotypes

  • Peer pressure

  • Internet safety

  • Sexual decision making

  • Pregnancy prevention

  • Sexually transmitted infections

  • Pornography

  • Family rules about media

Media Aware Parent has been shown to:

  • Improve quality of communication between parents and their teens (as rated by parents and youth)

  • Improve teens’ attitudes towards communication about sexual health with parents and medical professionals

  • Improve teens’ attitudes and confidence about using protection if/when they decide to become sexually active

  • Improve teens’ awareness of their family’s rules about media use

Parents matter!

A parent’s influence is important when it comes to their teen’s decisions about relationships and sex.

You may have already started talking to your teen about the birds and bees. But what about gender role stereotypes? Healthy relationships and teen dating violence? The definition of sex and virginity? Sexually transmitted infections? Social media? Sexting? Pornography? These are important topics, but they are not always easy to discuss. That’s why Media Aware Parent goes beyond “the talk” and gives parents the skills and opportunities to have ongoing conversations with their teens about relationships, sex, and media.